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Important Knowledge for buying Diamonds without it becoming too overwhelming…

White diamonds are still the most popular. We source the very best for you in your price range that makes you feel more comfortable; after all it is a major purchase.

Each diamond is accompanied with a GIA Report. Why is this so important? Because the specifications listed on the report are unique to that diamond.

We source diamonds that GIA has graded Triple Excellent in cut, polish and symmetry, which is GIA’s highest grading reflecting beautiful brilliance making these diamonds the most desirable.

The cut also refers to the shape of the diamond, the most popular being round brilliant, cushion, radiant, oval, marquise, pear and emerald cut.

The colour is graded from D to H in white diamonds, D being the whitest, E and F fine white, G and H white. From I grade colour, a slight yellow tinge increases the further you go down the scale.

The clarity is graded from IF (internally flawless), the most sought after clarity is VS and SI, and we source the very best of these making it hard for you to find these natural inclusions with your naked eye.

We sell our ethically sourced diamonds of 1.00ct and larger at wholesale prices to enable you to purchase the very best in your price range. The savings you make allows you to increase the size, colour and clarity of the diamond or to include smaller diamonds in the design.

Although white diamonds are the most in demand we also source and sell natural yellow and pink coloured diamonds. Every shade of a coloured diamonds is unique, from soft to vibrant hues.

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